Waste batteries do not belong in your household waste

Waste batteries and accumulators can contain heavy metals and other poisonous substances which damage the environment and our health. For this reason, consumers are obliged to dispose of waste batteries properly.

They can return batteries free of charge at designated collection points at retail outlets or municipal collection points. From there, the batteries are fed into proper, eco-friendly recycling. Join in and make a valuable contribution to the protection of our environment.


On the ‘Aus Alt wird Neu’ website, you can find out how to dispose of waste batteries and electrical equipment properly, and why it’s so important to do so.

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The Inspektor Energie mobile education initiative teaches kindergarten children about the connection between energy and environmental protection.

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About us: the collection systems for waste portable batteries – die Rücknahmesysteme

The German Batteries Act (BattG) envisages the collection and environmentally compatible disposal of batteries and accumulators via a Joint Battery Collection System and manufacturers’ own collection systems.

Die Rücknahmesysteme run information campaigns and educational services collectively to help improve collection results, protect the environment and help people use batteries and accumulators sustainably.

Together, the collection systems inform consumers:

  • That batteries can be returned to the place of sale free of charge after use
  • That consumers are legally obliged to return used batteries
  • That the crossed-out wheeled bin symbol means do not disposed of in household waste
  • About the potential effects on the environment and health of substances contained in batteries
  • About the importance of separately collecting and recycling waste batteries

The central point of contact for these activities is the Joint Battery Collection System (as defined in § 6 BattG), the Stiftung GRS Batterien established by Germany’s Federal Environmental Ministry. Information campaigns are run in collaboration with CCR REBAT and European Recycling Platform (ERP) Deutschland GmbH, which are manufacturer-operated collection systems